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CONVEGNO NAZIONALE AIOM – Roma, 15 dicembre 2023

20 miliardi di euro l’anno: i costi per il cancro in Italia – Prevenzione attiva, la vera arma vincente

Since 2005, at the BIOSCIENCE FOUNDATION we believe that the key to a world without cancer lies in understanding its root causes and advocating for preventive strategies. We’re dedicated to pioneering research, education, and advocacy in the realm of cancer prevention, striving every day to protect future generations from the pain and suffering caused by this disease. Our MISSION is to shift the cancer prevention testing paradigm from early detection to cancer driver interception. On the global market, we want to introduce methodologies and services able to identify the physiological conditions that drive solid tumor development in symptom-free individuals. To do so, we will leverage our AI-based monitoring program to screen for cancer driver conditions, and we will commit in our tool optimization for high levels of accuracy and sensitivity. We will focus first on colorectal cancer to prove the methodology’s principle, fine-tune our approach, and raise awareness about the potentialities of the Cancer Driver Interception. We firmly believe that, in the near future, HELIXAFE will become the scientific preventive tool for any solid cancer, in support of the current general suggestions of a healthy lifestyle.

The vision of Bioscience Genomics is a cancer-free world. We imagine a planet Earth where HELIXAFE services can predict if and when someone runs the risk of developing cancer and can suggest the best treatment options to cure the driving conditions to prevent the disease formation. We are aware that the expectations are very high, but we are up to the challenge, as pioneers in the field of cancer driver interception applied to colorectal cancer.
Service quality is at the heart of everything we do at Bioscience Genomics.
Our company is driven by ethics, details, and a passion for challenges. We manage the personal health data of our customers with integrity, responsibility, and respect for ethical principles, and we adhere to the most rigorous quality control standards. We are committed to our vision and mission, and we aim to fight cancer with our research-based innovative solution. The main feature of this project is to be able to constantly learn and update the system with new data and to provide a customized profile for every single customer. We believe that a customer-centric approach is a winning strategy for this epic battle.
Our vision is a world where cancer rates dramatically decline, where families are armed with knowledge and tools to prevent its onset, and where communities rally together to eradicate this malady from our midst.